Dessert Menu

Peanut Butter Cream Puffs - éclair style bites, fluffernutter filled, chocolate glazed
Char's Classic Flan - traditional baked crème caramel, medley of fruit, wafer
Key Lime Pie  - graham cracker crust, fresh whipped cream, house made caramel sauce
Bread Pudding du jour
Chocolate Souffle
Bella Mundo Parfait - mango sorbet, vanilla ice cream, fresh fruits and raspberry sauce
Affogato Coffee Float - fresh brewed espresso served atop vanilla gelato
Chocolate Gelato Parfait - caramel and toasted pecans

After Dinner & Coffee Drinks

Mansion Café - Kahlua, Godiva Chocolate, coffee
Grand Coffee - Grand Marnier, Bailey's, Fra-Angelico, coffee
Bailey's Irish Mint -  Jamesons, Bailey's, fresh mint
White Hot Chocolate -  Godiva White, steamed milk
Tracy Hot Toddy - Makers Mark Bourbon, Limoncello, ginger, honey, tea
Cappuccino Italiano - Tuaca, Fra-Angelico, Amaretto, cappuccino
Grappa Berta
Duffan Armagnac
Boulard Calvados
Sambucca Infinito Nero
Cognac Frapin

Hot Beverages

The House Blend - refillable
Café Mocha
Tea Selection - refillable