Char Magaro Restaurateur
Char Magaro develops ideas and creates the mechanism to have her ideas manifest. She has 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in a diverse array of areas: Editor-in-chief of a regional paper, Founder & Director of two environmental organizations, Developer of a national retail business, Vice Chairwoman of the Board – PennFuture, Fine Art Gallery owner, Owner of Char’s Bella Mundo, Designer of women’s jewelry ( She has a degree in Philosophy with a minor in Art. Throughout this diverse background, her dedication to environmental issues and sustainable economic solutions along with her two grandchildren has been her thread of inspiration.
Ron Canady Executive Chef
Born and raised in Sharon, PA, Ron has lived all over these United States and spent several years living in Germany while in the Air Force. He is currently living in the lovely town of Enola. In a former life Ron was a truck driver. He earned an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management from York Technical Institute in 2001. After graduating he was a Line Cook at The Marriott Hotel. In 2002 Ron became a Sous Chef at Char’s Bella Mundo and then Executive Chef. Ron is looking forward to creating new and innovative menu items, not only with the entrees, but also with the new “Small Plate” offerings.
Salvadore Pantano Beverage Manager
A Harrisburg native, Sal was inspired by Art as a teenager and studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of fine arts in Philadelphia where he was awarded a scholarship to travel abroad – it is there that his love of food and wine was born. Watching sunsets has become Sal’s Zen, and he is looking forward to the view from Char's at Tracy Mansion as an inspiration to create tasty beverages to enhance a lovely evening – much like he did at Bella Mundo for 9+ years. As for his artwork, it can be viewed at (
Robert Blosser Front of House Manager
Robert has worked in the hospitality and restaurant business for over thirty five years; including eight wonderful years with Char's Bella Mundo. He is looking forward to returning and welcoming back all our loyal friends, customers and new guests.
Shana Woomer Events Planning/PR
Born and raised in Tyrone, PA. Shana earned a BA in International Politics and a minor in History from Penn State University. After graduating and moving to the Washington DC area, she worked as a sales associate for the Washington Speakers Bureau, and then as an Advertising Account Executive at The Motley Fool. Upon moving to Harrisburg in 2005, Shana opened the cafe Breads 'n Spreads in 2008. After 3+ years of a crash course in managing a small business, she is excited to be a part of Char's team and having this wonderful establishment in Harrisburg!